Formal Ball

Tekko Formal Ball Event

Tekko welcomes you to its second annual formal ball, hosted by our guest Trickssi (she/her)!

This year’s event will feature MORE THAN TWICE the dance floor and WATER STATIONS inside the room!

Before you put on your dancin’ shoes, please read the RULES and SOCIAL DANCE ETIQUETTE GUIDELINES below. Any questions about your choice of outfit should be directed to . Accommodations can also be made for attendees with mobility/medical needs; please direct those to and cc .

The formal ball will be in rooms 408-409 at 10 PM Friday. Lesson times TBA.

Lastly, remember: you DON’T have to be a dancer to enjoy the formal ball! Projectors will be displaying the names of suggested dances, but you can dance to the beat of your own drum as long as it follows safety rules!


Trickssi (she/her) is a cosplayer, formal dance coordinator, and founder of the Cosplayer Survivor Support Network (CSSN). She is your exuberant host, dance teacher, and dj for Tekko’s first ever formal ball! Her passions are creating inclusive support and protection for vulnerable populations and teaching ballroom dance within the anime convention community. She hails from Ohio and makes costumes, wigs, and props both solo and with her family at Trimeriad Cosplay and Fractali. For a full cosplay gallery, dance resources for formal balls, and CV, check out . For information about the Cosplayer Survivor Support Network and to see how you can help, please visit . Trickssi is also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Patreon under the same name.

Photo is by Robert Tate Photography (c)2018.